A multiplayer version of the traditional Lemmings


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Lix is a strategy and puzzle game that features a gameplay that is identical to that of Lemmings, the classic game from the early nineties. You have to guide a group of little people from one point to the next, making them perform different tasks.

You can assign them different tasks depending on the level you’re in at the time: they can dig a tunnel through the setting, jump, build bridges, use baseball bats to attack enemy Lix, etc.

Lix can be played in single player mode with the goal of getting all your people to their destination, but it can also be played in multiplayer mode through the Internet or using a LAN network. If you play this mode, besides safeguarding your own Lix, you'll also have to exterminate those of your opponent.

Lix is a very fun combination of strategy and puzzle, and it keeps all the magic from the original Lemmings while adding a competitive multiplayer element that works perfectly within the game.
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